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== pagan ==

One or more people who adhere to [[paganism]]

== paganism ==

Originally meaning "non-[[Christian]]", it describes the lesser known [[spirituality|spiritualities]] that originate, usually, from [[Europe]]an tribes

== Palestine ==

The country that [[Israel]] took over, is still a nation only it is smaller now

== Palestinians ==

The people that live in, or were evicted from their living location in [[Palestine]]

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== panels ==

Multiple rectangles or rectangular shapes that, for example, express chronologies of real and or fictional experience from left to right, top to bottom

== parody ==

For example, [[hipster]]s parody past [[culture]]s because they can't make their own

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== patriarchy ==

A society that is ruled by [[male|men]], has a negative connotation

== Patrick_Buchanan ==

A [[United_States]] nationalist

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== Patrick_Bateman ==

The main character of the movie [[american_psycho_(copyright)|American Psycho]]

Implication (sometimes): [[white]], [[male]], [[suit]] & [[formal]]

== patriot_act ==

An [[United_States|American]] [[law]] that was enacted in response to [[911]], subtracts [[freedom]] to add security (e.g., the [[TSA]])

== Paul_Krugman ==

A famous Keynesian economist

== peace ==

When people are not in conflict, such as when they are not at [[war]]

See also:
* [[collectivist_morality]]

== pedophilia ==

Means [[children]] (pedo) [[love]] (philia) - usually in a [[sexuality|sexual]] sense

== pedosexuality ==

The argument that [[pedophilia]] is a [[sexuality]] just like [[homosexuality]] and heterosexuality is

== peer_review ==

When credible people review paper to verify its legitimacy

== penis ==

The quality of realism defines the rating of safe, questionable, or explicit

See also:
* [[Phallic]]

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== pepe ==

A [[meme]] of a drawn [[frog]]

== perversion_of_hierarchy ==

The expression of hierarchy being morally wrong more than it actually is

== philosophy ==

[[Truth]], the [[love]] and pursuit of--more on its etymology:

The human activity that's purpose is to unite people with the infinite

== piracy ==

Il[[law|legal]]ly taking and or distributing stuff that doesn't belong to the one who stole it, two main forms: on the [[sea]], and on the [[Internet]]

== pizza ==

The layering then cooking (usually in an [[oven]]) of a [[circle]] of [[cheese]] (and sometimes other toppings) stacked on tomato sauce which is stacked on [[bread]]

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== plane ==

Implication (always): [[aircraft]]

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== Poland ==

A sort of [[poor]] Eastern [[Europe]]an country

== Polandballs ==

A user-generated [[pixel_art]] [[comic]] that, usually, expresses relationships between countries that are drawn as imperfect [[sphere]]s of varying sizes

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== Pole ==

A person who does or very recently did live in [[Poland]] as a citizen

== police ==

The [[male|men]] and [[female|women]] who enforce a society's [[Hegel|objective_spirit]]

== police_shooting ==

Usually, when the shooting of a [[negro]] by [[police]] is called into question by the public for being unjust

== political_compass ==

A political identification [[map]] that usually has 2 axises:
* economics: [[left-wing]] to [[right-wing]] and
* authority: from [[anarchy]], to [[democracy]], to [[monarchy]]

== political_correctness ==

Or "politically_correct"

An [[Hegel|objective spirit]] that was forced upon, to start with, the [[United_States]], the value system of a [[collectivist_morality]]

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== poor ==

People who lack [[money]] compared to most people

== poster ==

An [[art]]istic work, usually in portrait format, that expresses [[truth]], [[propaganda|created by the government]] and or the average person (such as when they are posted on the [[Internet]])

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== postmodernism ==

A [[philosophy]] of incredulity towards [[truth|meta-narratives]], against definitions such as this one, and other stuff

External links:
* http://forums.philosophyforums.c...nism-generator-59621.html
* - "Thesis: The failure of epistemology made postmodernism possible, and the failure of socialism made postmodernism necessary."

== power ==

When someone has more ability, such as having more money and or political power

== prejudice ==

Judging the deeper [[truth]]s of someone based on superficial knowledge such as skin color

== president ==

The person who has some of the most [[power]] in a [[democracy|democratic]] nation

== presidential_candidate ==

A citizen of a country that tries to gain the puplics' acceptance to become the [[president]] of the country he is a citizen of

== priests ==

Multiple religious authorities

== prison ==

When [[power]] is used to control [[crime|criminals]], especially in defined locations throughout the days

== private_roads ==

Roads where [[money]] is "required" to drive on

== privilege ==

When someone has more [[power]], for example, [[white_privilege]]

== progressive ==

A person who believes in [[progessivism]]

== progressivism ==

The [[ideology]] that affirms change, sometimes fundamental change (sometimes insanely)

== propaganda ==

[[Government]] made [[truth]] that sometimes comes on [[poster]]s and is made for the public to affirm

== protest ==

When a [[crowd|group of people]] get together to [[negation|negate]] how something is, for example, with [[sign]]s

== psychological_projection ==

When one's own psychology is projected onto others

== psychology ==

I usually use [[mentality]] instead

== PTSD ==

The psychological affliction that is the affect of, usually, [[war]], those who [[affirm]] [[social_justice]] sometimes claim to have this problem after their collectivist morality has been [[negation|negated]] to some degree

== quote ==

External links:

implication (always): [[text]]

== queer ==

Possibly means [[homosexual]] maybe it means [[trans...]]

== quotes ==

Multiple [[quote]]s

== Rainbow_Stalin ==

External links:

implications (always): [[communism]] & [[Joseph_Stalin_(character)]]

== Race ==

Social construct lel

implication (always): [[identity]]

== racism ==

A term created by [[Leon_Trotsky_(character)|Leon Trotsky]]

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implication (always): [[race]]

== Reactionary ==

A person who opposes [[progressivism|progress]]

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== republican_party ==

Mainly of the USA

[[Tag group:Political parties]]

implication (usually): [[united_states]]

== reverse_narrative ==

Usually [[dialectic|fighting]] the [[Cultural_Marxism|Cultural Marxist]] [[narrative]] with the inverse of it

== rabbi ==

A [[Jew]]ish religious authority on [[Judaism]]

== rabbis ==

Multiple [[rabbi]]s

== race_mixing ==

When multiple [[races]] interact, such as having [[sex]] and [[children]]

== race_realism ==

The [[science|scientific]] view that their are [[races]] different physically but also mentally, such as [[IQ]] difference

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== race_war ==

When different [[races]] go to [[war]] against other, usually in a [[nationalism|nationalist]] manner

== races ==

Groups of people around the world that are differnet

See also:
* [[Caucasian]]
* [[Negro]]
* [[Asian]]

== radicalism ==

The ideology that affirms radical change

== radishmag ==

A [[Neoreactionary]] web-[[magazine|zine]]

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== rapier ==

A type of [[sword]]

== rape ==

[[Sex]] between people where one person having sex negates the action and the other does not

== rape_culture ==

The [[feminism|feminist]] idea that Western cultures make light of [[rape]]

== reaction ==

Action that occurs in effect of another action

== real ==

Use the tag [[photo]] instead

== realtalk ==

A tag here in 2013, the talk about reality and actual [[truth]]?

== rebecca_watson ==

Some [[female]] character

== reddit ==

An online discussion forum that links to other part of the [[Internet]]

== redneck ==

An [[iq|unintelligent]] white person

== rednecks ==

Multiple [[redneck]]s

== redpill ==

The [[truth]] that does not come from Western society's [[narrative]] (which is negated by "the redpill")

== religion ==

A [[spirituality]] that has a large following, such as the three major [[Abrahamic_religion]]s:
* [[Judaism]],
* [[Christianity]], and
* [[Islam]]

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== reptilian ==

An alien that has more [[power]] than humans and is said to control those who inhabitant [[Earth]]

== reptilians ==

Multiple [[reptilian]]s

== retard ==

A person who has a [[mentality|mental]] deficiency when compared to most [[statistics|statistically]] normal people

== retards ==

Multiple [[retard]]s

== revolution ==

External links:

== revolutionary ==

One or more people who believe changing society with force

== rhetoric ==

The use [[language]] to convince people of your otherwise shitty arguments

== Richard_Dawkins ==

A famous [[Atheist]], seems to be [[right-wing]]

== Richard_Nixon ==

A US [[president]] that resigned due to the Watergate scandal

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== riding ==

A character that, usually, is riding an animal, it can also be another person or an inanimate object

== riding_the_tiger ==

A concept by [[traditionalist]] [[Julius_Evola]]

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== riots ==

When [[protest]]s get violent, the next stage would be [[revolution]]

== roads ==

The flat stretches of [[Earth]] that were made flat and or have pavement on them, [[car]]s and other [[vehicle]]s travel on them

== robert_ransdell ==

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== robot ==

Implication (always): [[mechanism]]

== rodents ==

Small [[animal]]s such as [[rat]]s, [[squirrel]]s, and [[mouse|mice]]

== Ronald_Reagan ==

A famous US [[president]], known for [[male|his]] [[economics]]

== Rothschild ==

A [[power]]ful group of [[Jew]]ish [[bankers]]

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== Rucka_Rucka_Ali ==

A [[white]] [[rap]]per that is known for doing [[parody]] songs

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== Russia ==

A country in [[Asia]] that has [[Caucasian]]s at the West and [[Asian]]s at the East, known for being [[poor]], having a [[monarch]], having a [[communism|communist]] [[revolution]], and drinking [[vodka]]

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== sexuality ==

[[Penis]] in [[vagina]], or something like that

Symbols: ❤ ♡ [[<3]]

== slavery ==

The state in which a human is being owned and used by another human

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== spirituality ==

An organized religion(s) or not, the followers always state that they know a BIG [[truth]]

== star ==

implication (always): [[symbol]]

== star_of_david ==

implication (always): [[star]]

== suit ==

Something that humans wear

implication (always): [[formal]]

== swastika ==

Additions: +nazism & +not_nazism

implication (always): [[symbol]]

== Sweden ==

A [[left-wing]] once [[white]] nation

implication (always): [[Scandinavia]]

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== sagging_pants ==

When pants are not securely on the hips, [[niggers]] are known to do this

== satire ==

When something is negated by affirming it

== savage ==

A person who is not civilized and is like a [[monkey]]: throwing [[shit]], etc.

== school ==

A place where [[young]] people are "uplifted" from being stupid in relation to adults

External link:

== science ==

A method of getting the [[truth]] about the empirical world, uses reason and the 5 senses ("no [[God]]")

== screencap ==

AKA "screenshot", an image of the display on a computer screen, mainly from the direct graphical source but also by idiots taking pictures of their [[computer]] screen

== serbia_strong ==

The [[meme]] of a [[Serbia]]n [[nationalism|nationalist]]

== sex ==

When one or more [[penis]]es go into one or more [[vagina]]s

== sexual_orientation ==

Who someone has [[sex]] with based on what [[gender]] they are, for example, same sex attraction = [[homosexuality]] and other sex attraction = heterosexuality

== sexual_preference ==

A [[social_justice]] term or something

== sharia ==

The [[law]] that [[muslims]] prefer to be ruled by

== sheeeit ==

A [[meme]] of a [[negro]] doing regrettable actions then regretting it in the last [[panels|panel]]

== shelly ==

the creator of [[fun_nigger_facts]]

== shill ==

Somehow different from a [[crypto]]: which is similar

== sign ==

A usually thin object that has text, two types: [[public_sign|public]] and private, such as paper people hold up that say something like "[[I_need_feminism_because_x]]"

== signature ==

Fancy [[text]] that someone writes of their [[name]]

== signs ==

Multiple [[sign]]s

== simple ==


== single_mothers ==

[[female|Women]] who have [[children]] but no husband

== sjw_humor ==

A series of of [[comic]]s that express [[social_justice]] [[funny|humor]]

== sjwiki ==

A [[wiki]] for [[social_justice]]

External links:
* &

== slav ==

One or more [[slav_squat|squatting]] [[Caucasian]] [[white]]-looking person that consumes [[vodka]] and mainly lives in [[Russia]]

== slaves ==

One or more people people who are owned by another person that has [[power]] over them

== smile ==

Implication (always): [[facial_expression]]

== so_sorry ==

A [[social_justice]] campaign where [[white]] people [[cosplay]] as [[slave]]s to feel bad about how their ancestors enslaved [[negros]]

See also:
* [[white_guilt]] - this [[demonstration]] was an extreme expression of white guilt
* [[original_sin]]

== soapbox ==

A stand where people put their hands on and talk to a [[crowd]], sometimes has [[microphone]]s

== social_construct ==

A [[truth]] that society makes up, such as [[God]] and conceptions of [[race]]; race being a "social construct" is itself a social construct

== social_justice ==

Social [[justice]] is the most recent form of the [[collectivist_morality]]. Although some argue that it is not "justice" (in actuality) this "[[ideology]]" still posits that what it affirms is "justice" (perhaps in appearance, see: [[appearance_vs._actuality]]); thus, all images that have this tag should also have the tag "justice".

Implication (always): [[justice]]

External links:

== social_media ==

Websites on the [[Internet]] where, mainly, people interact with each other

== socialism ==

A form of [[collectivist_morality]] where there is more [[equality]] in people's quantities of [[money]]

== ==


== soldier ==

A person who is used in [[war]]s

== solo ==

One character in an image, if there is one character but [[text]] referencing other people then that condition does not negate this tag.

== sourced ==

When an image references the source of the [[information]] that it expresses

== south_africa ==

A country in the south of [[Africa]]

== south_america ==

The southern section of the Americas, [[Hispanic]]s mainly live there

== south_park ==

A [[cartoon]] sitcom for adults, setting: South Park, [[Colorado]], [[United_States]]

== space_moose ==

A [[right-wing]] comic thats main character is an [[anthro]] [[moose]]

== spain ==

A Western [[Europe]]an nation that is known for its [[empire]]

== species ==

A group of [[animal]]s that have common characteristics

== spongebob ==

A [[cartoon]] that intentions are to be viewed by [[children]] and to be [[funny]]

== spurdo ==

A Finnish [[meme]] of an [[antho]] [[bear]]

== statism ==

The [[ideology]] that affirms [[government|state]] control of peoples' lives

See also:
* [[Brave_New_World]]
* [[1984]]

== statistics ==

the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample

== statue ==

a carved or cast figure of a person or animal, especially one that is life-size or larger

== stereotype ==

a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing

== Stormfront ==

A [[white_nationalism|white nationalist]] website

External links:

== suffrage ==

the right to [[vote]] in elections

== sunrise ==

A [[sun]]rise/sunset by the star closest to [[Earth]]

== superiority ==

When one or more people have greater value than one or more other people

== supremacy ==

the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status

== surveillance ==

close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal

== switzerland ==

A country that is located in Western [[Europe]]

== sword ==

A sharp flat piece of metal that is attached to a hand hold

Implication (always): [[blade]]

== symbol_only ==

An artistic [[symbol]] hat gives no information

== syria ==

A [[middle_east|Middle Eastern]] country

== t.j._lane ==

A [[school]] shooter that wore a [[t-shirt]] with the [[text]] "killer" on it to his [[court]] hearing then [[middle_finger|flipped off]] the [[victim]]'s [[family|families]]

External links:

== talmud ==

A [[book]] that was written by [[rabbis]] and is known for being one of the most [[racism|racist]] books ever (worse than [[mein_kampf]])

== taxes ==

a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers' income and business profits or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions

== technology ==

the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially based on [[electricity]] and for industry

== terrorism ==

the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims

== text ==

A set of [[symbol]]s that are used to convey meaning

== the_elite ==

a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities

== the_eternal_jew ==

An [[antisemitic]] [[documentary]] that was release in [[Nazi]] [[Germany]] about how [[Jews]] have the eternal feature of being [[shit]]ty, and [[Aryan]]s have the eternal feature of having the most value

== the_niggerest ==

A [[negro]] that has a very dark skin color

== the_pope ==

the bishop of Rome as head of the Roman Catholic Church

== The_Problem_of_Whiteness ==

A class at ASU [[college]]

External link:

== the_south ==

The south east part of the [[United_States]], known for trying to separate from the union

See also:
* [[confederate]]

== theodore_roosevelt ==

A [[socialism|socialist]] [[United_States]] [[president]]

== thomas_jefferson ==

An early [[United_States]] [[president]]

== thomas_sowell ==

A [[negro]] economist that supports [[Libertarianism]]

== thor ==

A [[paganism|pagan]] [[God]] that has a large [[hammer]]

== tiers ==

A value system where greater is [[juxtaposition|juxtaposed]] with lesser

== tim_wise ==

A contemporary [[Jew]]ish [[cultural_Marxism|cultural Marxist]] that is a [[United_States_citizen]]

External link:

== tolerance ==

The acceptance of other people for being different

See also:
* [[collectivist_morality]]

External link:

== top_hat ==

Implication (always): [[hat]]

== toy ==

an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something

== traditionalism ==

the upholding or maintenance of tradition, especially so as to resist change, they don't hate themselves like [[radicalism|radicals]] do

See also:
* [[Reactionary]]

External links:

== traditionalists ==

People who believe in [[traditionalism]]

External link:

== trash ==

discarded matter, refuse

Implication (always): [[waste]]

== trashcan ==

A [[can]] that contains [[trash]]

See also:
* [[in_trashcan]]
* [[into_trashcan]]

Implications (always): [[can]]

== Trayvon_Martin ==

A [[negro]] that caused a [[police_shooting]] event

== trichotomy ==

A [[Neoreactionary]] term that means: Theonomist, [[ethnic_nationalism|Ethno-Nationalist]], and the Techno-Commercial

External link:

== trigger ==

In [[social_justice]], something that can make you cry

External link:

== triggered ==

In [[social_justice]], the state of being offended

== trolls ==

Multiple people who create drama

== truth ==

There is no truth.

External link:

== tumblr ==

A [[safe_space]] for [[social_justice]] warriors

== twitter ==

A [[social_media]] website where posts are limited to a small amount of characters

== tyranny ==

A [[power|ruler]] who is an asshole

== t-shirt ==

implication (always): [[text]]

== tagme ==

This tag is added if an image is uploaded with out 5 tags

[[Tag group:Improvements]]

== tales_of_the_holohoax ==

Crap version:

== TV ==

implication (always): [[media]]

== two_party ==

Usually the [[Democratic_party]] and [[Republican_party]] of the [[United_States]]

== ==

"The People's Cube - Political Humor & Satire": parody of left-wing politics, example article:
Around 5,000 images found and posted here from:*/*

[[Tag group:Websites]]

== throwing_stones_at_jews ==

An incident that happened in [[France]]

External link:

== transparent_background ==

Implication (always): [[simple_background]]

== Transhumanism ==

Merging man with machine

External link:

== translation_request ==

add a comment then I will make the comment a note since only admins can do that :(

[[Tag group:Communication]]

implication (always): [[non-english]]

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