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Tags may have a lot of relation to an image or very little. Lots of that tags at the wiki here are from 6/26/2015 plus some other tags. Many more tags have been added since the aforementioned date. There can only be so many links per post so I will sometimes just link to the domain page of a website that entirely relates to a tag then link to the subpages of that website minus the domain name.

Here is a good place to search these tags:

Add tags:
* text tagme -english_text
* tagme -full_body

= Tag group:Improvements =

Sub tag groups:

* [[Tag group:Requests]]

{{ Source guide
| KYM/*.ext = Know Your Meme/*.ext
| [11numbers].ext, e.g., 12345678901.ext = filenames that originated from
| imageboards;[1] sometimes they are preceded by additional information,
| usually per syntax: [*chan]/[board]/[11numbers].ext
| [1]: ---> Unix timestamp converter:
| Most images (maybe 95%) here were uploaded with either the old or new mass uploading script
Fixes: (ED/*.ext =*.ext)

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